A Hodgepodge of Colorful Garbage

I've never read something so ostentatious and baroquely disgusting. This work is absolutely cluttered and fraught with too much wordplay. I dig playfulness and experimentation, but cot damn. This is a colossal mind-fracking. I had the intention of buying this book for my child, but the illustrations are frightening and it is too dense for kids and too child-like for adults. This is not my cup of tea because I don't like putting a whole strip of LSD in my tea. Perhaps, I am not cool enough to understand what is going on here. Coincidentally, my name is Mister Jones. I am a straight-laced person and enjoy reading something that isn't out-all-the-way-over-there. For now, I dislike this book intensely. Thank goodness I read this before passing it along to my twin sons, Bright & Early.