A Beautiful Failure

Exceptional, beautiful failure of magnificent proportions is the essence of this little book. With a magical magnification, there is an uneasy amount of too muchness. Not much is done, but a ton of words are being used and said. He really appreciates how things are said and he lacks a sort of conciseness. This story is heavy, but could be made thinner. Crop half the weight, or words and you will still get this simple story across. He prattles on and on for the sake of wordiness, wordsiness. A la Bobby Dylan, he can jerk me off, but he canst jerk me leg. There is bounty of words and it grows into a gargantuan clusterfuck. An artist shouldn't be too attached to clever lines—they can be the downfall of the story. Then again, this is no literary heavyweight. He is just spouting zany words and intruding his story with zanier characters.