This Review is by Hakeem (I Cannot Believe)

I cannot believe this quality is the best of quality. I swear to God this book is crazy. Hella crazy! I love crazy stuff and this is like…hella crazy, guy. Prince—I don’t even know how to pronounce the last name. When I think of this book, I think of colors fighting each other—like almost a war of color. See, I am no philosopher, or a life-teacher. My name is Hakeem and I come to the American Dream. People say are you, Hakeem, the dream? I say no. Many people have Hakeem as a name. I no want to give you my life story because it is a sad journey into utter craziness. My life was bad crazy and this book is good crazy. I appreciate crazy in various forms. So, this book is awesome. I…I like the guy and he’s a good guy and the book is crazy, but the book is good. I cannot believe the quality of this book. I cannot believe the quality of the man behind the book. I don’t know what the hell the book is saying. The pictures are crazy, too. This guy is cra—everything is crazy! I cannot believe my man wrote such a crazy book. I cannot believe. I cannot believe. I cannot believe. 

(unknown accent)