An Amazon Prime Reviewer

Meatpie without the meat is this little story—absolute pseudo-profundity. It feels detached and interested only in the way it plays with words. He could’ve delved deeper and completed something with concrete answers (for the children). Is this book for children? Or adults that wear skinny jeans? We don’t know any of the characters (except superficially). Experimental stories of this sort tend to be flawed because they are too impressed by their own experimentations and he is deeply impressed by Himself. A writer is God because he creates out of nothing? But this ain't no God. He is too derivative. He succeeds in some clever lines. I think the illustrations are more interesting than the story. The story is too convoluted and fraught with word-playing. I really dig the names. But the story is merely a platform for this illustrious illustrator. He juts life into this story and where the word fails, the illustrator carries his experiment-of-a-world. 
-An Amazon Prime Customer