Mr. Somebody (Where are all the philosophical gangsters?)

"A Japanese beatle fixed into my heart and eating it all up—this is a sad, saddening story. Sentimentalism is the manipulating of emotions—emphasis on the mental—Mr. Mekonnen has tried his best at manipulating. He captures a feeling and at the cusp lets it go. Where does this feeling go? What does it mean to be at the gates of Heaven (Happyland) and forego your entrance to assuage your past? Lily Marshmallow embodies Life and the symbolism of Life. Prince Gobbledygook is nonsensical now and he eventually abdicates from that absurd throne and names himself, or remembers his name: Billy Lavender. Prince Hobo, Leopold Balthazar I & I, represents the past, which is always dueling with the oppressive present. Adolfo Dumfries is representative of the future. He donates his ticket to Leopold Balthazar (who we find to be aptly named Enoch Solomon) and ensures happiness lies in his past. Herein the ending becomes something much sadder. What is the point of entering heaven if you are not alive, or almoist alife? I don’t much understand what is going on and stick to the sweeter part of the allegory…happiness is the one you’re with. He is with Lily Marshmallow and that love story shall sate me. But the other side of the allegory is for the philosophical gangsters who know that hell is to wait while heaven is just…over there." 
-Mr. Somebody